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Alain Coupet is a professor at the UFSTAPS at the University of Bordeaux, in the Racket Sport department who helps students to prepare for national exam for Physical Training Teaching. He also organises competitions.

The project, according to the author


To the UNF3S and the UFSTAPS at the University of Bordeaux,

The IdEx Défi International project for providing financial support for translation of the ScolPingTab interface and the translators, Alphatrad

Joanne Pagèze, for her help for the translation,

The students in the 2:5 class at the Lycée Montesquieu in Bordeaux, and their PE teacher Marie-Claude Garrain Dubergey,

The UFSTAPS students at the University of Bordeaux, the Staps Rackettes Sporting Association and especially Thomas Nouhaud and Yvan Perromat,

Xavier Lagardère, Technical Director for Development and Training at the Aquitaine Table Tennis League,

The future champions at the LATT, in the pre-competition stage at Creps Aquitaine (December 2013),

Pierre Ricard, Aps Regional Coach, former professional player at the SAGCestas club,

Sébastien Gabouriaud, Sports coach at the Bordeaux Academy, member of the Resource Production Group,

Jean-Marc Dubois, SAM Director (for Audio-Visual and Multimedia) at the University of Bordeaux,

Yves Gloinec, Audio-Visual Technician (SAM)

Agnès Larcher, 2D Animation Multimedia Development (SAM),

Jérôme Gabet, Design and Computer Graphics (SAM),

Mélanie Jouette, Independent 3D Computer Graphic

Jérôme Tanguy, Technology Training Engineer for MAPI (Teaching and Innovation Guidance Taskforce) at the University of Bordeaux,

Rémi Patiès, Technology Training Engineer for MAPI,

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